Tuesday (26.09.17), Oslo Town Hall

Time Activity

Wednesday (27.09.17), Park Inn by Radisson Oslo

Time Activity
08:15–09:00 Registration
09:00–10:30 Welcome & Joint keynote
Pierluigi Plebani: Business Processes and Smart Devices - a marriage of convenience?
10:30–11:00 ☕️   (Coffee break)
11:00–12:30 Session 1: CloudWays workshop — Engineering Cloud Architectures
Vasilios Andrikopoulos: Engineering Cloud-based Applications: Towards an Application Lifecycle
Salma Allam, Antonino Galletta, Lorenzo Carnevale, Moulay Ali Bekri, Rachid El Ouahbi and Massimo Villari: A Cloud Computing Workflow for managing Oceanographic Data
Divyaa Manimaran Elango, Frank Fowley and Claus Pahl: Pattern-driven Architecting of an Adaptable Ontology-driven Cloud Storage Broker
12:30–13:30 Lunch
13:30–15:00 Session 2: CloudWays workshop — Managing Cloud Systems
Josef Spillner, Giovanni Toffetti Carughi and Manuel Ramírez López: Cloud-Native Databases: An Application Perspective
Divyaa Manimaran Elango, Frank Fowley and Claus Pahl: Using a Cloud Broker API to Evaluate Cloud Service Provider Performance
Antonio Brogi, Luca Rinaldi and Jacopo Soldani: TosKer: Orchestrating applications with TOSCA and Docker
PhD Symposium
Lubos Mercl: An Algorithm for Migration and Resource Planning in Cloud Technologies
Lorenzo Carnevale and Massimo Villari: How to improve the Data Scientists Work in Big Data Projects
15:00–15:30 ☕️   (Coffee break)
15:30–17:00 Session 3: BPM@Cloud workshop
Majid Makki, Dimitri Van Landuyt and Wouter Joosen: Towards PaaS Offering of BPMN 2.0 Engines: A proposal for Service-level Tenant Isolation
Kyriakos Kritikos, Chrysostomos Zeginis, Dimitris Plexousakis and Paravoliasis Andreas: CEP-based SLO Evaluation
Kyriakos Kritikos, Emanuele Laurenzi and Knut Hinkelmann: Towards Business-to-IT Alignment in the Cloud

Thursday (28.09.17), Stratos

Time Activity
08:15–09:00 Registration
09:00–10:20 Keynote session
Alexander Lenk: Cloud Native Connected Cars
10:20–10:50 ☕️   (Coffee break)
10:50–12:30 Session 1: Services (chaired by Antonio Brogi)
Nikolaos Bezirgiannis, Frank De Boer and Stijn De Gouw: Human-in-the-Loop Simulation of Cloud Services
Marco Cremaschi and Flavio De Paoli: Toward automatic semantic API descriptions to support services composition
Mandy Weißbach and Wolf Zimmermann: On Abstraction-based Deadlock-Analysis in Service-Oriented Systems with Recursion
Luciano Baresi, Danilo Filgueira Mendonça and Martin Garriga: Empowering Low-latency Applications through a Serverless Edge Computing Architecture
12:30–13:30 Lunch
13:30–15:00 Industry track: IoT, analytics, and Cloud infrastructures
Knut Eiliv Husa (Tellu): ThingML - a modeling language and execution environment for IoT solutions
Lorenzo Carnevale, Antonio Celesti, Maria Fazio, Placido Bramanti and Massimo Villari: Heart Order Detection with Menard Algorithm on Apache Spark
Felipe Gutierrez, Vinicius Garcia, Thiago J. Silva, Jose Fernando Santos de Carvalho, Josino Rodrigues, Rodrigo Assad and Marcos Ennes Barreto: uStorage – A storage architecture to provide Block-level Storage through Object-based Storage
15:00–15:30 ☕️ (Coffee break)
15:30–17:00 Industry track: Industrial needs
Alessandro Rossini (EVRY): What industry wants from academia — A story from a researcher turned advisor
Panel: Meeting Industrial needs for future research in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing

Friday (29.09.17), Stratos

Time Activity
09:00–10:20 Keynote session
Stefan Tai: Blockchain Insights
10:20–10:50 ☕️ (Coffee break)
10:50–12:30 Session 2: Security (chaired by Wolf Zimmermann)
Ehtesham Zahoor, Zubaria Asma and Olivier Perrin: A Formal Approach for the Verification of AWS IAM Access Control Policies
Iraklis Paraskakis, Simeon Veloudis and Christos Petsos: Foundations for Designing, Defining, Validating and Executing Access Control Policies in Cloud Environments
Frederic Pohl and Hans Dieter Schotten: Secure and Scalable Remote Access Tunnels for the IIoT: An Assessment of openVPN and IPSec Performance
Marco Montali and Pierluigi Plebani: IoT-based Compliance Checking of Multi-party Business Processes modeled with Commitments
12:30–13:30 Lunch
13:30–15:00 Session 3: Cloud Resources (chaired by Massimo Villari)
Zoltan Mann: Two are better than one: An algorithm portfolio approach to cloud resource management
Christian Otterstad and Tetiana Yarygina: Low-level Exploitation Mitigation by Diverse Microservices
Nivethika Mahasivam, Nikolay Nikolov, Dina Sukhobok and Dumitru Roman: Data preparation as a service based on Apache Spark
15:00–15:30 ☕️ (Coffee break)
15:30–17:00 Session 4: Microservices & Containers (chaired by Stefan Schulte)
Luciano Baresi, Martin Garriga and Alan De Renzis: Microservices Identification through Interface Analysis
Max Plauth, Lena Feinbube and Andreas Polze: A Performance Survey of Lightweight Virtualization Techniques
Hamid Arabnejad, Frank Fowley, Claus Pahl, Areeg Samir and Giovani Estrada: A Fuzzy Load Balancer for Adaptive Fault Tolerance Management in Cloud Platforms